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I have a talent for helping others unleash their inner awesome! I am a skilled product designer, an experienced business mentor and skilled design tutor.

3D Design and Modelling

Would you like to get something 3D printed but do not know how to model it? I am an expert at 3D CAD and have helped Jewelers, inventors and retailers see their ideas come to life through 3D modelling.


Website & Branding

Would you like to start your own blog or develop an eye catching brand identity? I provide stylish and affordable logo and website design bundles for start-ups.


Design Coach / Mentor

As a mentor and practising designer I can show you how to refine your idea and transform it in to something that people will LOVE! Meet with me to validate your idea and receive a professional project plan free of charge.



My Story

My Story

I am addicted to creativity! I love product design and when I think back to my early years I was always interested in learning more about creative individuals. It would be a lie to say that I always knew I would be a designer though! When I was younger I didn't have a clue what I wanted to do. I never studied art formally but from a young age I frequently studied artists and got in to painting, drawing and sculpture. I found great joy in creating new things and trying new techniques. This passion got me through my teen years - although I enjoyed school I strongly believe I would have burned out if I hadn't spent most evenings and weekends messing with materials in my parents shed. I was always interested in how things work and had a special interest in how people work. I spent my time sketching body parts and was intrigued by how engineering could be an extension of anatomy. I am very quick at picking up new skills but only if I am passionate about the topic! So although I love engineering, if it doesn't have a human factor I dont want to know! I have designed over 50 products and I started my own business so that I can launch my own product lines in a positive and supportive environment.


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