Being normal is plain weird

I tend to avoid following the herd

Today is a day in which Ireland decides upon who will run the country for the next few years. Its a fairly important time for Ireland especially us creatives. I think if you are struggling to decide who to vote for try to avoid other peoples opinions and look for facts. I find it is the best way to make linear decisions ie ones that require a simple yes or no. For all other matters I use creative thinking where opinions are vital to success!!!

I think this shopping bag sums me up

Being different isn’t dangerous

I love trying new things and exploring new opportunities. I firmly believe that my ability to not “fit in” has lead to me being successful as a creative entrepreneur. I like being my own boss and I like interacting with other people even more. I am fully supportive of people vejng different. Variety is the spice that fuels our fruitcake lives 😉

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