The best accounting software for small businesses

I have been searching for a stylish and usable software for my books for years and finally found one that suits my needs entirely! Wave is just brilliant!


I randomly stumbled upon this software while browsing the web today. Within minutes I was set up and writing quotation and invoices.

wave app usable
Very usable and inviting interface

It is supposed to run great from mobile web and tablet  too – I will keep you posted. You can add clients, products, payments, invoices, receipts all with a simple to use interface. You can also see nicely styled reports and analysis that you could drop in to a business plan.

Clean and Stylish

The website is very clean and user focused which helps immensely as accounting can be quite monotonous when you are stuck looking at spreadsheets. It also produces beautifully styled invoices that can be emailed directly to clients and are print friendly too.

wave app stylish
Wave can be customised in seconds

Fully customisable

I am very impressed so far with how much you can do on this piece of software and how good you can make invoices look within a few clicks.

Totally free

I am so impress with this software and shocked that it is free. It is great for all you creative pros and startups. Get on top of your books – no excuses 😉 If you use this or another software that you love for bookeeping and accounts please let me know as I like to keep on top of new ways to make accounting less of a pain!


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