Tips on how to design a logo- 4 steps

I recently had to undergo a re-brand of my company and while going through this process I decided to change my company logo. The original one was designed over 4 years ago and was looking outdated and dull. Here are my tips if you are planning on attacking your logo – all it takes are 4 simple steps.

how to design a logo- by marianna kane

Brainstorm your vision

Grab a sheet of paper and jot down some answers to the following questions. What is your business name? What do you want your logo to do? Who do you want to see your logo? Who is your ideal customer? What does your business do? What colours do you want on your logo? Do you want text or a symbol? Brainstorming is a quick fire way to get your thoughts down on a page. Try not to judge, criticise or analyse yet – just get the idea down. It is also great to brainstorm with others so grab somebody if you can.

brainstorm for a new logo design
Brainstorm for the new DesignBurst Logo

Generate some quick ideas

Thumbnail sketches are great for exploring a new idea. These are small quick drawings. They are not perfect and you can repeat the same sketch many times adding small adjustments. Again the idea here is to be a quick as possible. Try not to judge your work too heavily and feel free to add annotations so that you understand your sketches later on.

idea generation design logo marianna kane
Quick idea sketches for the new DesignBurst logo

Create a new concept

Analyse your brainstorm sheet and your idea sketches and start jotting down your favourite idea. Refine it and tweak it until you are happy with the layout, proportion, scale…etc. This sketch may take a little longer but it will be worth it as you will save time digitizing if you have a solid concept on paper.

Refining the idea and picking a concept sketch for the new DesignBurst logo
Refining the idea and picking a concept sketch for the new DesignBurst logo

Digitise your logo idea

Using Adobe Illustrator or other vector based software digitise the logo. I usually scan in my sketches and then use the pen tool to trace the drawing. Then apply colours an choose fonts for your new design. Digitising your logo is important so that you can use your logo in the future for a variety of purposes eg business cards, Facebook icon, Website, App Icon..etc

DesignBurst logo digitised by Marianna Kane in Adobe Illustrator
DesignBurst logo digitised by Marianna Kane in Adobe Illustrator

Need more help?

Please feel free to comment below for more guidance on creating your new logo. Alternatively you can instant message me any time on my facebook page if you would like to avail of my skills to get your logo developed.


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