Game of Thrones Themed Necklace Pendant

3D Visual of the Pendant Design

Click the image below and move the 3D model 360 degrees to get a better look at the design.

Design Diary

This design was inspired by the Game of Thrones logo.  I was looking at how silver comes off the 3D printer and liked its unfinished effect – it reminded me of artifacts. I wanted to design something that would suit this era and Game of Thrones immediately sprung to mind. I love the series and am fairly nifty with 3D CAD modelling so I created the piece from memory of the logo.

Interested in getting your hands on one of these?

These necklace pendants are very unique and a perfect gift option for girls and guys who are fans of the show. It comes in a variety of different materials to suit all budgets. Please order your pendant here today:

If you have any questions in relation to this design or how to place an order please get in touch and I will happily accommodate your request.


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