New product for dog lovers… I need your help

Do you own a dog?

I am looking for dog owners to help me with my research for a new product that I hope to design this month. If you own a dog please click here to help me with my super quick survey – Fill in my survey to help me design my new dog lead.

I want to change the way we exercise our pets


Exercise is very important to keeping our four legged friends happy. Exercise also helps our health and wellbeing. My new product aims to empower dog owners and encourage positive dog walking/running techniques. I am hoping that this product idea appeals to some of you. If the response is positive to my questionnaire I will design the new product for you and your dog.

Please share this with friends

I am excited about this project but it needs your insight to succeed- so please fill in my 2 minute questionnaire. Please share this post with other dog lovers if you are interested in my new product being developed. Also feel free to share your thoughts below as I am always open to feedback and questions.

Thank you for your time 😊

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