Product Design Talk – Research and Innovation Conference and Exhibition 2016

How to Design Products that People Crave

I have been invited to speak at Ireland’s Research and Innovation Conference in Croke Park (3rd March @11.20am). I love talking about product design and helping people incorporate creativity in to their careers / businesses. This presentation will focus on helping people create products that people crave.

6 ways to create a brilliant product

I will be presenting my methods of designing products in which I try to encapsulate the entire life cycle of a product through design. In my opinion there are 6 ways to make a product stick in people’s minds and stay out of the rubbish bin.

Marianna Kane Human Centric Product Life Cycle
How to design products that people love

I will discuss these in depth in my talk tomorrow but in brief:

  • Encourage creative thinking
  • Empathise with your workforce
  • Excite your producers
  • Educate your suppliers
  • Empower your audience
  • Entice people to hack and reinvent

See you at the Research & Innovation Conference at 11.20am

Remember to register for the event here if you are thinking of going tomorrow – it is free of charge. I am very excited to meet all of the people attending tomorrows event and if you wish to know more about the contents of my talk please get in touch or simply comment below with any questions you may have.


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