Get your FREE wall chart and reach your goals

Get your FREE wall chart and reach your goals

January is all about resolutions right?! Nope…. January is all about taking time to reflect on how you are going to reach your goals. Download my free wall chart goal planner to succeed. This year instead of just saying “I am going to get fit” or “I am going align my passions with my work” try cementing the idea in to a plan using a Goal chart. I started using these charts 2 years ago for a variety of reasons (for work, for home life and for fitness) and they are incredibly POWERFUL!!!

FREE Printable wall chart planner a4

Stick to your New Years Resolutions by using my FREE PRINTABLE Goal Chart.

Wall Planner Goal Chart Printable

Each chart is A4 sized and plots out 4 weeks with individual boxes for each weekday. Typically it takes 12 weeks to change a habit or take on a new habit. I always print off 3 charts when trying something new. I split it in to 4 weeks per chart to make it less intimidating. It also allows more sapce for writing each day. I love using my charts so I designed this one especially for you. I believe that you have what it takes to reach your goals this year. You may print your copy as many times as you wish. Please tell your friends and clients to come here so that they can get a free copy too.

How to use your Goal Chart

Step 1: Define your goal

Before you can fill in the chart you need to clearly define your goal. Be as specific as you can. Write it on the bottom section of the chart where it says “I will …”.Remember, this is a 4 week plan so don’t be unrealistic. I usually set my goal for 12 weeks (a bit more realistic) and then break it down in to smaller achievements.

Example: Last year I set a goal to run a 10mile race in 1hr 30mins by week 12 (a distance I had never ran before). My first 4 week goal was to start running more than 10k each weekend to build up to the big goal.

Example: Another example was where I set a 12 week goal to design & sell a line of handmade goods. My first 4 weeks aim to define exactly where I was going to sell the products and have one sample of each product made.

Step 2: Plot out your milestone tasks

After you set your mini 4 week goal you should start to plot out exactly what you need to do to get there. I normally work this backwards.

EXAMPLE: Earlier I stated that I wanted to have a sample of each product made by week 4 so I wrote “photograph samples” on the last box of my goal chart. I then worked backwards to decide what would be involved to get to that point. Ordering materials, designing patterns, buying equipment and tools, making the pieces,waiting for glues to set….etc.

You don’t have to be too detailed. Just jot something in to each box to prompt you to work on days where you might be a bit fuzzy on your goal. Remember to leave rest days! Each week I always commit 2 days each week to rest from the goal. I might end up working 7 days but I always move away from the project or fitness plan for 2 days to recharge. Otherwise I would burn out, and so will you.

Step 3: Stick your chart to your fridge and mark off each day

When the day comes put a big X through your day when you finish a task. I also mark each day with an emoji representing how i feel. This helps me keep track of when to take my rest days and when to do push on. That feeling when you put that X on the sheet is incredible!!! You will become addicted πŸ˜…Β If you fall behind or miss a task record that too. It will help you align the next chart with what is possible.

Wishing you every success for 2018

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This is going to be a great year. It is going to be your year and you are going to succeed because you showed up and tried. Just know that I have your back, you are awesome and dream big 😊


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