I firmly believe that engaging with your creative side will make you more successful. This blog is 100% committed to helping as many people as I possibly can to engage with creativity. I am a skilled Product Designer and have run my company DesignBurst since 2012. I am also a mentor for SMEs and I teach design skills in universities in Ireland. I started this blog in 2017 and recently revamped it to allow me to share things easily with you and help you kickstart your creative career.

My Mission

I am going to inspire and empower as many creative people as I possibly can, from around the world, to turn their ideas in to a reality and launch things that people love.

What I stand for

Value 1: Be me…always

I don’t buy in to the formalities of “business” or class systems so why should you?! All I ask is that you be yourself, get to know what you really want to do in your lifetime and maybe let others know who you are too. I am rooting for you, whoever you may be.

Value 2: Be Open minded

Change can be a scary thing, but it can also be WONDERFUL! I like to keep my thinking as open as possible, because anything can happen, so being open minded allows me to adapt to changes quickly and happily. Opening your mind will help you to see the world through different lenses and will help you to become a great problem solver!

Value 3: Be Supportive

I am here for you, whether you are starting a new business, showing off your latest masterpiece or freaking out about an impending deadline and just need to vent…I’ve got your back. We all need a creative pal to bounce ideas off, celebrate successes and most importantly to encourage us to keep going when we aren’t doing do well. I am right here for you to keep you strong.

Value 4: Be a source of Inspiration

I want to inspire you to tap in to your creative side every single day. Being creative is something that I am extremely passionate about as I believe it makes us super confident and allows us to be incredibly successful at home, in work and in business. You can do anything that you set your mind to, but sometimes its easy to forget that. So, I will remind you that you can and inspire you to grow every day.

Sharing my insights gives me a great buzz

Teaching others how to be more creative makes me so happy! I think it is because I just really enjoy seeing other people succeed. The best way to approach things is to change your mindset. Instead of saying I shouldn’t or I can’t try I haven’t tried that yet or I want to… you would be amazed at what you can actually do! I started this blog to connect with more people who are ready to embrace a more creative way of living and I am really excited about making my advise and guidance even more accessible. I will be blogging about my journey as an entrepreneur, my tips for being more creative in life and will also be offering freebies and downloads so that you can be more creative at home, in work and maybe some day in your own business. I hope you enjoy reading and connecting with your inner creative.

I am here to help you succeed

I have been running my business DesignBurst Ltd for a few years now and one of my favourite things is seeing people that I work with succeed. Success means different things to different people; sometimes its money, sometimes its seeing a creation come to life and some crave having more time doing what they love. I am very excited to know who you are and help you set goals and reach them. There are lots of ways that I can help you just check out my offerings here and please contact me any time to see what way I can help you be your new awesome self.

Connect with me

I am very active on Facebook (visit my page Marianna Kane) – so if you want to get a quick response you will get me there anytime. I post photos to Instagram whenever something excites or intrigues me – check out my feed here. I also run a Facebook group for anyone who wants to share their creative endeavours or simply be inspired in their daily feed – Check out Kickstart Your Creative Awesome to be a part of our gang! Or you can always get me by phone or email on my contact page.

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Contact Me

LOCATION: Kildalkey, Meath, Ireland

EMAIL: marianna@mariannakane.com

LANDLINE: +353 469435655

MOBILE: +353 857060546

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