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In 2003, I was 17, studying design in Dublin Institute of Technology, and although I knew nothing about business I made a mindful goal to start my own business at the age of 30. I always craved the freedom of setting my own goals and reaching them. I founded DesignBurst in 2011 which was 5 years ahead of my target. My passion for design and creativity has been the foundation of everything I have achieved to date.

I have a BSC Hons in Product Design, have been practising design professionally for over 10 years. I have designed over 60 products to date. It is really exciting being a designer and dealing with businesses all over the world.

I enjoy sharing my insights in to design, business and being an entrepreneur. I have developed a lot of certified courses for universities and was appointed the role of design mentor for businesses across Ireland through the DCCOI.

What being an Entrepreneur means to me

I love running my own business and exploring new opportunities. I get to choose my business hours, my workload and my projects. There are times it gets tough and requires a completely different mindset but my passion for design has always helped me overcome any obstacles. I wouldn’t change one bit of my journey so far and I am super excited to reach my future goals!

My Achievements

Check out some of the things I have accomplished to date:


    • Designed over 50 products to date
    • “Design & Art Careers” speaker RDS Higher Options
    • Design Mentor for the Crafts Council of Ireland
    • Awarded 1st Class Honours for my degree in Product Design
    • Certified in Web design HTML & CSS
    • Product Design Student Achievement Award
    • Student of the Year DIT Product Design
    • Engineer of the Year Boyne C.S.


      • Taught over 250 people how to draw using my unique design sketching techniques.
      • Developed multiple professional design skills classes and modules for adult education and for universities.


    • Completed Phase 2 New Frontiers Programme
    • I have worked with a variety of businesses helping them to define their brand, build their market and develop their ideas.
    • Exhibited work at multiple design shows
    • Travelled to China to organise production
    • Mentored dozens of entrepreneurs on design
    • Created multiple blog websites for businesses


  • Grading Standards and Rubrics
    Design Modules and Practices 2013 – 2016
  • Moodle Training for University Lecture Modules
    Maynooth University 2013
  • New frontiers Phase 1 & 2 – Enterprise Ireland 
    The LINC Blanchardstown 2012
  • Train the Trainer – Certified Adult Educator
    Midas Group Kells 2012
  • Discovery Zone – Business Development
    Meath CEB Kells 2012
  • Start Your Own Business Course 
    Meath CEB Navan 2011
  • BSc Hons Degree in Product Design
    1st Class Honours – Hetac Level 8
    Dublin Institute of Technology
  • Hons Leaving Certificate
    Excelled in Engineering and Technical Graphics

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Contact Me

LOCATION: Kildalkey, Meath, Ireland

EMAIL: marianna@mariannakane.com

LANDLINE: +353 469435655

MOBILE: +353 857060546

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