Creative way to beat stress and realise your dreams

In this blog post I want to reveal my way of beating stress and being super productive and it only requires a pen and a scrap of paper.

Shes a daydreamer that one

As far back as I remember, I’ve always drifted to a separate part of my mind when I am doing something that I don’t enjoy. I suppose I always just saw it as a way to enjoy the place or activity or lecture. My earliest memory of “daydreaming” is standing in the middle of Tallaght shopping centre, around this time of year, just watching all the people rush past in a flurry. I stood there wondering if they liked being here, what they were doing, their names and their hobbies…etc. All of a sudden I was snapped back to the “real world” when I noticed I was alone…woops! It was terrible having to deal with being lost in a massive shopping centre. I couldn’t wait to get “lost” again in thoughts upon being found. I wonder what I would have written had I kept a diary- I’d say my thoughts were mental!😂

They are not just dreams and wishes

Its taken me a while to come to this realisation, but most of the time I wasn’t wishful thinking! I always felt that I fell in to good grades in school and that I happened upon my favourite career; but in reality this just isn’t the case! I saw people that inspired me and I imagined what it would be like to be them, and what I would do different. I would doodle in class and jot down random words but only if I was inspired…weird eh?! Well upon reflection it was the best thing I ever did because the classes and courses that had the “messiest” notes filled with doodles and quotes and random thoughts were the ones I remembered most of and aced in exams!

There are no prodigies or gurus

My first ever teacher, Ms Houlihan, was an absolute art genius and although I didn’t see much of her work until after she had sadly passed away she just had this gift of sharing being creative and bringing it out in kids. She taught us that there was no limit and there are no prodigies or gurus – they were all just little boys and girls like us with a wish and a dream that they managed to get on paper. This fascinated me and still does.

If you hit a wall or are feeling down put pen to paper and everything will change.

Think it draw it,write it, scribble it

So that brings me to my least creative times. Those times where I felt alone, isolated, unfortunate, sad, poor and downright miserable about my life, my studies and my business. I’d ask myself – why me?, why is this happening?….the usual nonsense that drives us deeper in to despair. Everything I put my hand to turned to mush and I begrudged every person I saw with a beaming smile on their face because all I could see was a smarmy grin! I remained this way until I decided to try do what I always loved; drawing and writing things down. Then finally I moved on and things flip around. This works – trust me. I have been practising it for years and it is THE ONLY WAY that I can beat stress. So try it today and in no time you will see the benefits.

Force yourself if you have to

God knows I have had to. Sometimes I would make every excuse under the sun to avoid my creative side thinking it would distract me from getting things done! I hear you – and I agree, there are only so many hours in the day right?! However, if you prioritise filling a scrap of paper every day with something you will feel better. You will be more clear. Your visions and dreams will become more tangible. And if you are studying or in business, sticking a big sheet of paper to your wall with all of the stuff that you need to do thrown up on to it is absolute magic for creating a winning formula for success!

Take control and let yourself go

De-clutter your mind and let it all out. I often find my main obstacle is that I over think what I am doing and then get nothing done. Or I might have a million things to do and messing around doodling or making lists is NOT a priority 😅 Lately the key to my success has been scheduling my creative time; half an hour with pen in hand to do whatever it is that enters my brain.

How to start

Sometimes I rant out words on a page, or draw a doodle and other times I list out every single thought that pops in to my head and i either write it or sketch something or draw stickpeople. Usually the quality of my work is AWFUL but its just for me so that’s ok. Have no fear, slot it in to your day to put your thoughts on paper (or walls,floors…etc) and gradually your mind will shift. You will see why this is happening to you, why everything you touched turned to mush. All of the grinning faces will become beaming smiles encouraging you to offer a friendly hello. The cloud of doom will dissipate and you will realise your dreams. All it takes is a pen and paper.

Wishing you every success

I really do hope that this helps you today, tomorrow and every time you want a stress buster. We are creative, we are different and we are awesome in all of the right ways. I am sending lots of happy creative vibes your way so grab that pen and start 😉 Have an awesome day,