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New Course for Creatives

1. Talking Business Online Course

4 independent modules all delivered online

Learn the lingo of doing business at a pace that suits you. This course is packed with tips and tricks for speaking to different entities at various stages of your business development. The modules are each focussed on how to communicate with different people: Customers, Retailers, Suppliers and Investors. You can subscribe to modules independently or take the full course depending on the needs of your business.

Reach customers, retailers, suppliers & investors

Creative businesses often struggle to use the correct lingo when speaking to influencers in their businesses success. I know that when I started my business I wanted to focus on the products and neglected delivering content that spoke to my audience (especially when it came to speaking to retailers, bankers and investors). You need to tweak your content so that it appeals to them and immediatly makes it apparent that your offeerings will be of benefit to them.

What You'll Learn
  • How to develop marketing materials that captivate your ideal customers.
  • How to develop line sheets and bundles for selling your products to retailers
  • How to pitch your business and products to investors.
  • How to develop production specifications for suppliers and manufacturers.



Seats on this course will open soon. Reserve your spot by clicking the link below. I will send you a full overview of the course including pricing through email.

Make your products Shine

2. 1 to 1 Mentoring

Can be delivered in person and online

I can mentor you on your product design, pricing, promotion and strategies for growth. I will work alongside you guide you to success. I can travel to you business if you rather meet in person or can deliver menotinr online through skype, whatsapp and live video links. Have it your way and let me guide your product lines to success.

Develop an action plan and execute it with my guidance

Planning is brilliant but execuing the plan is where the fun really is. This can be absolutely terrifying to small bsuiness owners especially if it is your first time launching a product. So let’s work together to make the process more streamlined and enjoyable. 

Tailored to your businesses needs for growth.

Your business is unique and I can handle that. I am not going to make you try to fit in to a business model that doesn’t suit your needs. I use creative methodologies to work through the best way to get your business booming. So grab your post-its, coloured pens and lets make your planning fun and actionable.


One to one mentoring is charged at an hourly rate with discounts for block booking. I work to your schedule and generally like to meet businesses once weekly to stay on top of actionable goals.

1 session – €50 / hour

5 sessions – €45 / hour


For Young creatives & Innovators

3. Career Talks & Workshops

Careers in Art & Design

Every year I speak to thousands of young people in the Irish Times Higher Options event in the RDS Dublin. I guide them through the process of choosing their creative career and what to expect when pursuing a career in Design or Art. I offer this Career Talk to schools aloowing students ask me questions and get professional insights in to the Art and Design Sector in Ireland and overseas. I also offer workshops for up to 50 students to help them decide on their career options through my worksheets and activity based sessions.

Helping young people understand creative career options

A very important step I took as a teenager was speaking to professionals before deciding to do product design. This really helped me to pick a course that aligned with my passions and allowed me to excel in my career. I will help students in your school meet professionals relevant to their career path; designers, artist, film-makers…etc. I really enjoy sharing my experiences with young people and have been contacted by college graduates who thanked me for the advice I gave them at age 16.

Presentations, Q&As and Action Packed Workshops

I am a professional designer so I like to present my work that way. I use creative approaches to help young people grasp the challenges that lie ahead of them and start to address complex questions early. I walk them through the career planning process guiding them on developing goals so that they achieve their dream career.


Career Talks are 1 hour in duration and I can travel to schools across Ireland. The Fee is €150 and I can speak to an unlimited quantity of supervised students.

Career Workshops are 2 Hours in duration and I can travel to schools across Ireland. I provide all of the materials and print outs for the workshop. The fee is €20 per student with a minimum booking of 10 students. I can work with up to 50 supervised students in each workshop. Please contact me through the link below to schedule me to visit your school.

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