My Services – Creativity Coach

As your creativity coach I aim to help you to be more creative in your approach to life, work and business. It is important to get creative and stay creative to be happier and more productive every day. Depending on where you are in your career I can help you in different ways. 

Career Advice

Are you at a crossroads in your career? You might just need a nudge in the right direction.

My insights have helped hundreds of people define their passions and have awesome careers.

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Have you identified a gap in your skills? Perhaps one of my professional courses will help.

These courses can be taken online or in select locations in Meath / Dublin at certain times of year.

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Would you like to launch new products or expand your market reach? Let me help you dominate the NPD sector.

I work with businesses to develop specifications, source quality suppliers and devise successful launch strategies.

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Creativity Coach for Young People

Many young people need a creativity coach when they are trying to decide which areas to study and further their career. I understand the needs of young creatives and have delivered talks and career workshops in schools over the past 5 years. If you know a young person in need of some guidance from a creative professional please browse my Creative Career Advice section and contact me if you believe your local school would benefit from my Career Workshop. 

Creativity Coach for skills development

I have been a practising designer for the past 12 years and a formal adult educator for 7 years. In this time I have helped hundreds of creatives to find their inner awesome and learn new design skills. I plan on offering a variety of professional courses through this website over the coming months. These courses will be held in select locations nationwide and will also be available online for distance learning. If you are interested in improving your design skills check out my creative courses and follow my YouTube Channel for free tips and tricks for becoming a creative professional. 

Creativity Coach for Businesses

Defining and launching new products is easy when you have a creativity coach. I work with businesses to help them define new product lines, create production specifications and successfully launch products. I have over 10 years experience dealing with new product development (NPD). Now I would like to help you bring my best practices in to your firm.

On a monthly basis you will get to meet me (either virtually or in person) and we discuss your visions, goals and your progress. Depending on your businesses exact needs I might refer you to other businesses to help you perform tasks e.g. if you need to 3d print a model of your design I will recommend printers that I trust.

As your coach I will not be operating as a consultancy so this gives you 100% ownership over your work and progress. After your first successful launch you will have all of the knowledge and insight to launch future products alone. Contact me if you are interested in being coached so that your business succeeds.