Business Coaching

For creative entrepreneurs in need of guidance

My business coaching helps creative entrepreneurs just like you to turn your ideas into profitable and sustainable businesses. Let me coach you so that you can learn my unique methods for your business success.

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Am I the right business coach for you

I have helped businesses with the design and development of their new products for over 10 years. Now I would like to empower you to design and launch your own ideas and grow your business. Instead of being your consultant I will be your design mentor and business coach. My business coaching will allow you to run your creative business while having an expert to turn to for advice.  I will guide you through the process of developing your new idea and help you form bulletproof strategies for growth.

Things I can help you with

I am a complete geek when it comes to product design and engineering because I have loved it since I was a child. Seeing other creative businesses succeed excites me because I know how tough it can be to design and launch a new idea. I can help mentor you through the process of getting a product on the market so that your business succeeds.

People have accessed my business coaching service to help them:

  • Develop ideas for new product lines
  • Develop insights in to market research techniques
  • Apply for funding and develop powerful pitches for investment
  • Understand how rapid prototyping works
  • Engage with 3D Printing and other prototyping technologies
  • Apply for patents for new designs
  • Develop strong brand identities that connect with consumers
  • Understand how to price a product and make profits
  • Outsource mass production of product to China
  • Understand manufacturing techniques 
  • Optimise new products for production and shipping
  • Develop a press kit for successful launch

Supporting you all the way

Designing and producing a new product can be completely draining especially if you have never done it before. Many businesses fail to get good advice or assistance because the idea is completely new. Your creative businesses will fail if you cannot prove your idea is feasible in terms of function and sales. I can help you understand how to develop feasible and stylish products and put your business back on track for success.

Design & Feasibility

-Design Insights-Market Analysis-Niche evaluation-Business Planning -3D Printing tips-Prototyping Advice-Market Research-Feasibility Analysis 

Product  Manufacture

-Manufacture Tips-Assembly Tips-Supplier Sourcing-Production Specs-Presentation Tips-Dropshipping-Production Costs-Sales Channels

Branding & Launch

-Distribution Advice-Branding Insights-Focus Groups-Soft Launch-Logistics -Social Media-Recurring Sales-Market Feedback

How creative business coaching works

You have a wonderful creative mind and it is my job to unlock its true potential and help you focus on becoming wildly successful. To avail of coaching you need to contact me today to provide me with a brief insight in to who you are. I will then send you information on how we should work together to get you the best results and help you meet your deadlines.

I generally meet people once a month and video call weekly for an update. The frequency of meetings and the duration of coaching sessions varies based on your needs. Generally businesses will sign up to 3 months of coaching to meet a particular deadline or 12 months if they are planning to have my support in bringing their idea to production. I can also accompany you while visiting factories and suppliers to provide support in meetings. 

I am exited to work with you and help you excel in the process of designing and launching new ideas. Call me or email me any time to discuss creative coaching for your business.