Creative Career Advice

Are you at a crossroads and don’t know which path to take? Are you looking for creative career advice? Making career decisions can be overwhelming! There have been lots of points in my life where I had to stop and figure out the right path for my success. I have managed to align my passions with my skills and get to work in a job I LOVE every day. If you want to really ignite your career check out my services below.

For Schools and Young People

Making career decisions can be overwhelming for young people. Often they lack confidence when choosing a third level degree and ultimately end up struggling. Offering creative career advice can be difficult for schools because information can be quite vague on options available to students. I have been helping people align their career with their passions for over 5 years.  When people align their passions with their job they are more confident, more driven and ultimately more successful.

Career Services provided for students:

Career Talks

Cartoon of Marianna Kane Creative Coach Career Talk - creative career advice



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1) Career Talks / Presentations

Marianna Kane 
Careers in Art & Design
RDS Arena Dublin 2018

I speak to hundreds of students annually at the Irish Times RDS Higher Options event about careers in Art and Design. This talk has proven very successful with students and Career Guidance teachers alike. I offer this talk to schools who do not attend the event in Dublin to enhance their career guidance services pertaining to creative career advice.

The career talk covers all of the aspects of succeeding in a career in Art or Design and offers students an opportunity to meet a professional designer. This talk will benefit all students in 4th, 5th and 6th year with interests in creative careers e.g. art, design, music, film, drama, media…etc. 

If you would like further information on bringing this talk to your school please contact me HERE.

2) Career Workshop for Schools

I felt immensely overwhelmed when asked to select my preferred career when I was 16 and had no clarity and or vision for my future. For this reason I was guided down the slippery slope of the “points system” to choose a course that would match my capabilities.

I knew that I would only have one shot at furthering my education. It took some time for me to understand what I wanted to do. I chose to study design and managed to align my passions with my career. This resulted in me excelling in my studies and in business. I have now refined my methods so that others can use them to succeed too.

The perfect career compliments your skills, passions and vision. In my group workshops I facilitate a discussion for you and your peers focused on your future and what success means to you. The focus is your BIG vision for your future rather than on points or on particular subjects.

If you would like further information on providing this workshop to students in your school please contact me HERE.

For more creative career advice

This website is host to a series of videos that provide an overview of how to enter a career in design and art and become a successful creative professional. I recorded these videos following my talks in the RDS this year. The Videos can be viewed here on this website or on my YouTube Channel and each week a new video will be added to the channel. Please subscribe to my YouTube Channel and share it with anybody you think it might help, as this will lead to me creating more videos.