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Give yourself the gift of being more creative. Challenge yourself to one of my creative courses.

These courses will enhance your workflow and improve your success in achieving goals.

How to talk to Retailers

Learn how to “speak” to Retailers and Buyers so that your product gets on shelves this year.

  • For creative businesses trying to scale
  • Present your products effectively to retail
  • Learn the lingo of buyers
  • Understand negotiation & track record

How to be a great Inventor

Learn what it takes to be a great inventor and launch new ideas that people will love.

  • For creatives hoping to harness ideas
  • Learn the process of invention
  • Learn the lingo of design and engineering
  • Improve ideas through research and design

Design Sketching

Learn how to draw like a professional designer to effectively communicate your ideas.

  • For creatives who want to draw
  • Present new ideas effectively
  • Learn the fundamentals of sketching
  • Use biomechanics to improve sketches


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