Creative Courses and Workshops

Creative Courses and Workshops Marianna Kane - Photo of coffee cup and pen on blank page at a desk

Give yourself the gift of being more creative and challenge yourself to one of my creative courses. These courses will enhance your workflow and improve your success in achieving goals.

I have developed a number of creative courses and workshops to aid you in your journey to success. For the past 6 years I have been building courses because there is a lack of support for creative approaches to learning.   These courses have helped hundreds of people learn design skills and have helped many people transition in to new careers.

Regain control of your time

It is important to continuously up-skill as you progress through your career because otherwise you may end up unhappy in work. The average adult spends 40 hours a week working which is almost one quarter (24.5%) of the week.  Sleep consumes about one third (33%) of our week leaving us very little time to enjoy pursuing interests and passions. When a job is in line with a persons passions their work / life balance is a lot better and it leads to happier and wealthier employees. 

Browse Creative Courses

The list below outlines the courses that are available at present and please check back regularly as new courses will be added in the coming months. Many of my courses are offered online with some also available in select location nationwide.

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Get More Information

These courses and the locations for workshops are continuously updated according to demand. If you would like any further information on any of the training being offered please get in touch and I will phone you back (or email if that is your preference). Tune in to the Marianna Kane YouTube Channel for further insights and previews for courses.