Learn how to convey your ideas effectively

Drawing course – Sketch 4 Success. Learn how to draw and become confident in showing your ideas to people. Available in Meath & Dublin and online soon.

Learn how to draw and become confident in showing your ideas to people.  This course is perfect for designers, inventors, engineers, craftspeople and makers with a passion for innovation. 

Why I created this drawing course

drawing course image-Scissors cutting card with words I cant do it and adjusting it to I can do it. Motivation to be creative anytime.

The Sketch4Success drawing course was originally created in 2014 as there were no “design sketching” courses available in Ireland. I have always had a passion for drawing, doodling and inventing. Although I did a degree in Product Design it did not teach drawing at the time. I relied upon my fine art techniques to get through college and my ideas were not conveyed effectively. 

What makes this drawing course unique

This drawing course will teach you how to rapidly draw so that you can impress investors, manufacturers and collaborators. It is important to draw clean lines when you are trying to convey new ideas. This approach to drawing differs from fine art, which encourages the use of hairy lines or “chicken scratching”.  Drawing clean lines is more legible and faster allowing you to focus on your ideas rather than getting frustrated at the page.

Who is this course for

If you struggle to get your ideas on to paper then this is the course for you. It covers all of the fundamentals of drawing and I share my unique approaches to design sketching. You will learn how to incorporate professional drawing skills in to your daily tasks and optimise your workflow. People who have benefited from this drawing course include product designers, mechanical engineers, fashion designers, inventors, crafts people and young people interested in improving their design portfolio. 

How can I book this course

You will be able to book this course here soon. I am currently seeking locations in Meath and Dublin to run the course and will be filming new videos for the online course in November. The Online Course will be available through this website and will allow you to take the course from anywhere, anytime to suit your busy schedule. If you would like an update on when this course goes live please subscribe to my newsletter using the link below and I will send you a friendly email when registration is open. If you have any further enquiries please contact me any time to discuss.