Has your life just been a bit dull lately??

Sometimes it can be tough to get through the daily grind … queue Kickstart Your Creative Awesome. I want everybody to feel the benefits of being creative every day. I eat, sleep and breath creatively and firmly believe that it is the key to my success. Instead of seeing problems you will see opportunities to try something different.

Adapt to a more creative life in bite-sized chunks

Are you one of those people who liked to go headfirst in to a challenge without taking time to gradually get a feel for how deep the water is? Adapting to change takes time, 12 weeks to be precise, and nobody is rushing you so just keep calm and enjoy the process. Instead of saying I am going to fill this entire sketchbook today; you should say I am going to put pen to paper every day this month and take a photo of the result. When you are exhausted and can’t face putting the pen in your hand just pick up a book instead, or go somewhere different and just observe it!

What I am going to bring to the party…

Firstly, this section of my blog will focus on purely creative things to demonstrate what floats my designer boat. If I come upon something creative and inspirational I will be letting you guys know here once a week. Not enough?? No problem – that’s what my Facebook group is for. It will connect you with lots of creative people so that you can ask questions, have a laugh, share your story / inspirations and grow your connection to your creative side. Personally, I love sharing my insights and learn so much from chatting to other creative minds so that is why I started to group – its a win – win decision to join. See the link below to join us now.

You are not alone

Creative minds regularly work overtime which can lead to stress, exhaustion and lulls in productivity. Sometimes, all it takes is a fresh set of eyes to get you over a hurdle so pop on to our Facebook group now to really see the benefits of having awesome people in your network.

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