Today I would like to know do you live by your heart instead of your watch? In 2018 I followed my watch instead of my heart with disastrous consequences.

Time is relative

Today marks the start of my new year of blogging and January is generally my time for reflection. Today the message that is screaming at me is that time is relative. We are given time as a gift and how we choose to spend that time is 100% up to us.

Time is relative to your perception of what is important in life

So what does this mean in my world right now? Well 2018 was a bit mental for me and upon reflecting on my business and life I realise that I spent most of my time running about aimlessly. I did not follow the rules : live by your heart instead of your watch! This lead to a combination of successes and failures but most of the time I felt completely out of control!

I constantly felt I had no time and worked insane hours, sometimes up to 17 hours a day. I took very little down-time. Then in December BAM – I fell ill and had to take weeks off work. This was my time and I chose to burn out.

Time vs Enjoyment

Time is really difficult to manage when we are not enjoying it. It is also very difficult to enjoy anything if we do not commit time to it. Instead of working to my watch this year I plan to measure my happiness each day.

Rate your happiness daily to succeed in goals

At the start of each day I will write down 5 things that I am grateful for. This process allows me to recognise the good things and start my day on a positive note. Then before bed I will take a note of my happiness index.

Happiness Index

Before bed ask yourself how happy you are on a scale of 1 to 5. Do it in terms of work, health, relationships, family, activities….etc. So for example this year I hope to return to fitness and get back running and cycling. Each night I will analyse my running progress based on how I felt rather than looking at my watch results.

I also plan on growing my design business and learning from the mistakes that I made last year. So each day at close of business I will conduct a quick recap of my day. I will decide what work should continue and what work needs to end. This will make me more happy in my job.

I am hoping to spend more time sharing my work and how I make things this year.

When I started running I was so happy. I was exhausted after 200m but I felt ecstatic after every single session! As my running progressed I took less merit in how it made me feel and instead looked at my watch.

A photo of me in 2016 after completing a 10k race in hilly Kinvara, Co. Galway.

Eventually this lead to me quitting running. I then entered a spiral of long working hours, bad diet and bad sleep patterns. This story is true of my creative work and my career ; I was ecstatic in the beginning but now I never acknowledge how my work and my creativity makes me feel. I chase the clock from the moment Monday begins and am exhausted in my down time.

Any time I had a success last year it was quickly masked by a looming deadline. I now know that I need live by my heart instead of my watch.

Following your heart will bring success

I know that when I am happy I see incredible success. In wealth, work, fitness and life in general. I know this because I have prove it in the past. When I focused on being happy achieving goals I not only succeeded but I excelled in my vision.

This year I plan to grow my business, get back fit and spend with my dogs. When you live by your heart instead of your watch time is bountiful and blissful.
It seems like a lot but its not really when I have a whole 24 hours a day in which to achieve my goals 🙂

My two dogs will get spoiled with activities this year as a thanks for their companionship!

I will certainly be using all of the lovely face-masks and beauty products that I was gifted this year. Just taking 30 mins/day to meditate, doodle or cleanse your face will make a huge difference to your week .

More down time on the cards for 2019

To health happiness and success in 2019

I would love to know your plans to live by your heart instead of your watch. I will be sharing my journey through this blog this year. As I regain confidence in my own creative career I’d love to follow other creatives on their journey for 2019. Have you got a blog, Facebook page or Instagram I can follow? Let me know here or follow my social media in the links below to connect.