About Marianna

Creative Coach

I firmly believe that engaging with your creative side will make you more successful. Marianna Kane Creativity Coach is 100% committed to helping as many people as possible to engage with creativity.

My Mission

” I am going to inspire and empower as many people as I possibly can, from around the world, to connect with their creativity to succeed in business and in life.”


My Story

How I Got Started

In 2003, I was 17, studying design in Dublin Institute of Technology, and although I knew nothing about business I made a mindful goal to start my own business at the age of 30. I always craved the freedom of setting my own goals and reaching them. I founded DesignBurst in 2011, based on my professional design insights, which was 5 years ahead of my target. My passion for design and creativity has been the foundation of everything I have achieved to date.

I have a BSC Hons in Product Design and have been practising design professionally for over 10 years. To date I have designed over 60 products on the behalf of businesses. It is really exciting being a designer because I get to deal with businesses all over the world. 

I enjoy sharing my design insights, business tips and advice on being a creative entrepreneur. I have developed a lot of certified courses for Irish Universities and was appointed the role of design mentor for businesses across Ireland through the DCCOI.

What being an Entrepreneur means to me

I love running my own business because I get to explore new opportunities. I also get to choose my business hours, my workload and my projects. That said, there are tough times that require me to adapt to a completely different mindset. Adapting to changes is something every creative entrepreneur must do so that they can be more efficient in the workplace. This allows me to stay focussed on my big vision and reach my goals.

My passion for design has always helped me overcome any obstacles. I wouldn’t change one bit of my journey so far because it has helped shape me into the successful professional that I am today. 

"Very open and approachable, and I found her to be an excellent Mentor."

Ger Collins Pippa Blue Studio

"She has a gift of teaching people to understand the creativity lurking within their minds"

Sean Keating Product Designer

"Helped me to get my ideas finally out of my mind and on to paper!"

Martina Dowdall Fashion Designer

What I Do

Business Mentoring, Career Talks, Online Courses

I work with businesses who want to grow their sales and scale their production. I will teach you how to speak to investors, retailers and producers so that you grow this year. 

I have courses that will be availble online soon and also offer 1 to 1 mentoring to guide you through your specific obstacles. 

Every year I speak in a number of locations nationwide about career and business opportunities in Design and Art. PLease contact me if you are interested in me speaking at yoru event. 

Awards & Recognition

  • Grading Standards and Rubrics 2013 – 2016
  • Moodle Training for University Lecture Modules 2013
  • Design Mentor for the Crafts Council of Ireland 2012-17
  • Career Talk “Design & Art” RDS 2012-2019
  • New frontiers Phase 1 & 2 – Enterprise Ireland 2012
  • Train the Trainer – Certified Adult Educator 2012
  • Discovery Zone – Business Development 2012
  • Start Your Own Business Course 2011
  • Certified in Web design HTML & CSS 2009
  • Student of the Year DIT Product Design 2007
  • BSc Hons Degree in Product Design 2007
  • Product Design Student Achievement Award 2006
  • Hons Leaving Certificate 2003
  • Engineer of the Year Boyne C.S. 2003

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