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Marianna Kane Creativity Coach

I feel privileged to have met so many great people

Marianna Kane Creativity Coach- Creative Coach Reviews

Over the past few years many people have provided me with feedback and here I provide you with my creative coach review. I thoroughly enjoy working with people who want to tap in to their creative side. It just gives me such a buzz to teach others my skills and share my knowledge and insights in to design, engineering and business. 

I have helped hundreds of people to enhance their creative skills, work on their big vision, meet their goals and have mentored dozens of businesses wanting support and mentoring with their plans and client reach. I feel privileged to have worked with so many fantastic people and I really look forward to helping you kickstart your creative awesome (pop over to my Facebook group here for daily awesomeness)!

Creative Coach Review / Testimonials

Helped me to get my ideas finally out of my mind and on to paper!

Sketch 4 Success – it does exactly what it says in the title! For years I looked up college courses that would enable me to get my ideas onto paper however nothing out there suited my needs. Sketch 4 Success is the first and only course that provided me with the skills necessary for me to get my ideas finally out of my mind and on to paper!

Martina Dowdall Sketch 4 Success participant Feb 2013

She has a gift of teaching people to understand the creativity lurking within their minds

Having met with and engaged with Marianna Kane and her team at DesignBurst, the home of design , creativity, innovation ,training and mentoring, has truly inspired me. Marianna has influenced my life in the short time I have worked with her as an Intern. Her passion, enthusiasm and desire to develop business interests, creating new product designs for manufacture and export businesses is unparalleled and uncompromising. Marianna has a gift of teaching and demonstrating to people to understand the creative inner concepts lurking within people’s minds to express those creative desires by way of Sketching, Designing and Modelling their ideas, giving a tangible physical beginning to what will become a new and winning product. Marianna with her motivation, knowledge and skill levels has helped and assisted me beyond words, to understand further the whole world of product design, demonstrating clearly the career path that I have chosen is the right path for my future.

Sean Keating Sketch 4 Succcess Participant and Product Design Intern 2013

100% commitment is given from the outset with no stone left unturned

Having worked with Ms Kane on a variety of different product design projects I cannot speak highly enough of her professionalism and attention to detail. When undertaking a project, large or small, 100% commitment is given from the outset with no stone left unturned. Her ability to listen to and understand the customer’s requirements and articulate them in a way that will develop a concept into a product that the end user will want is second to none. This quality is often underestimated but highly relevant and pertinent in the product development industry.

Gerard Duff Product Designer and Lecturer in the University of Leeds

Very open and approachable, and I found her to be an excellent Mentor.

I recently attended a Product Design & Branding Workshop, facilitated by Marianna. She introduced me to new concepts in the process of developing my products for the marketplace. She is very open and approachable, and I found her to be an excellent Mentor.”

Ger Collins Manager at Pippa Blue Studios, Galway Tel: 091 566972

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