What is Meditation for Designers and Artists?

Entering the new year can be stressful so today I would like to talk about meditation for designers and artists. I love to take time to practice mindfulness ad meditation but today was just not one of those days. I just felt so exhausted and behind schedule and couldn’t relax.

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We think of meditation we think of stopping completely but this is different

When we think of meditating, we normally thing about lying down and listening to soothing music while trying to switch our mind off. Todays way is something entirely different because creative people are entirely different.

Switch off your busy brain and activate your creative one

We are at our most creative when our mind is relaxed. However, when you have a looming deadline it is very difficult to quiet the busy brain. You know that niggling narrative; I am going to be late, I will never finish, this looks terrible…etc

We need a quiet mind to be creative

Our creative side needs a quiet mind and this trick will help you do just that. I first learned this technique when I was 10 years old by a fantastic art teacher. She taught me how to paint and prior to every session she got me to wipe my brush on the paper with no plans for what I was creating. After a few minutes of simply wiping my brush I found it much easier to paint landscapes from my mind and I produced much better work.

It is called Free Drawing and it is AWESOME!!!

Free drawing is a way to meditate if you are a creative person and have a looming deadline. It only takes a few minutes and it will relax your busy mind and open up your creative mind.

Watch this video to see how I complete this form of meditation. Alternatively, you can see the steps laid out in the rest of this blog post below.

Watch my Youtube Video on how to complete this creative meditation

First get a blank sheet of paper and a pen

Grab a pen and a piece of paper to start your mindful meditation for designers and artists. You can use any form of medium just grab the nearest thing available e.g. pencil, brush, canvas…etc

Photo of a blank sheet of paper for sketching and drawing
Start with a blank sheet of paper and a pen

Start drawing organically

The idea of free drawing is to allow your pen to move around the sheet freely so that you gradually quiet your busy brain. DO NOT THINK of what you are drawing, just let it happen. Whatever your hand does let it and do not judge your effort.

Using your pen draw organically on the sheet

At first your mind will continue to be busy and you might be judgemental of the piece of art you are creating. If you find that this is happening just acknowledge it, tell you mind to be quiet and move on with your pen. This meditation for designers and artists will improve how you approach deadlines.

Allow your pen move around the sheet until it is full

You can do anything with your free drawing, isn’t that exciting? There are no boundaries or deadlines and at the end there will be no judgement process. As you continue to draw you can allow yourself to imagine what that will feel like; to be free of boundaries and enter creative bliss.

Continue until your sheet is full and your mind is relaxed

Build your drawing up gradually and allow it morph into whatever your creative mind starts to make your hand do.

This exercise will activate your creative brain

Remember this is a meditation for designers and artist so we are trying to quiet our mind. So as you progress through your drawing you will find that you start to think of creative ideas. Stop. Do not allow your mind become cluttered. If you find that this is happening just acknowledge it, tell you mind to be quiet and move on with your pen.

This is a fun 15-20min exercise

This is a fun way to meditate that takes only 15- 20 minutes. Taking this time on your hectic days will allow your creative brain perform under pressure. None of us like to invent new things under pressure because the results can be terrible.

Take action now and improve your creative career by practicing my meditation for designers and artists.

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