Why tomorrow is not a great day to start

…Achieve your Goal

Ah I will start that tomorrow….

….said every failed plan EVER!!! Today I would like to chat for minute about how to achieve your goal. Whenever I delay a plan it actually moves further in to the back of my mind. It doesn’t go out of my mind, but instead it looms there deep in the shadows for a very long time.

Eventually a few “tomorrow” plans gather and take over my mind. They make my thoughts fuzzy, they reduce my confidence and they make everything just seem ridiculously far out of reach! Every little task appears like a mountain and I turn in to a nervous wreck. This is not a good state of mind to be in at all as it can lead to severe anxiety and it totally crushes my creative buzz.

Bring those plans to the frontal lobe

Start now. Grab a pen and a scrap of paper and write down your “thing”. Last week I shared my FREE wall planner with you and you could write it on it either. It can be a work thing, a health thing or even a life thing e.g. I am going to learn to draw or I am going to run 5km.

When you write it down a fantastic thing happens – you create a barrier from it entering the shadows of your mind. A spotlight shines on this “thing” and stops it from going ANYWHERE until you have dealt with it.

Our frontal lobe does wondrous things and is involved in motor function, problem solving, spontaneity, memory, language, initiation, judgement, impulse control, and social behavior. No matter who you are the best place for your “thing” to be is right there, present and under the spotlight.

Make your plan attractive to keep it in the limelight

Every image looks better with good lighting! The same principle goes for big ideas and plans. If you are not attracted to it then why on earth would you approach it?! Make your plan inviting by sticking it to your wall, break it down in to bitesized chunks and reward yourself regularly for reaching milestones.

When I wanted to learn how to draw I freaked out a little bit because I was a qualified designer and felt so much shame that I couldn’t draw. The pressure felt immense and I felt I should be at pro level before I graduated uni….but I wasn’t!

Instead of listing out all the reasons I couldn’t draw I wrote down how it would be when I could. I wrote Design Sketching Pro on a big sheet of paper and stuck it to my wall. I felt amazing! After a day or two I became comfortable with my vision and then started to figure out what I needed to do to get there.

Break your goal in to bite sized chunks

FREE Printable wall chart planner a4

I had become comfortable with the thoughts of being called a professional but I still freaked out at the immense task ahead of me. As a creative person this is completely normal. We tend to set quite high standards and then find it difficult to finish a project as it never seems quite perfect.

I looked at the big goal and worked backwards until I had a well laid out plan over 3 months. I built in milestones where I would treat myself e.g. at week 2 I wanted to gain a full insight in to perspective drawing so I added in a gift of Professional Copic Markers in week 3 to keep me motivated to draw every day.

I set myself small daily tasks e.g. draw a cube or perfect my circles. These small tasks were super rewarding and each day I felt stronger. You should do this too and you will see incredible results.

Live in the present to secure your future

Its all very well having BIG VISIONS but how are yo meant to realise them if you leave it to disappear in to the shadows of your mind?! Act today be present and approach your vision. Get to know it inside out and break it down so that you can make it your daily reality.

I use this technique for every big vision that I have. It is the reason I learned to draw, it is the reason I ran 2017kms last year and it is the reason for my success as  designer and trainer.

Download my free printable Goal Planner

I created a wall chart and use it regularly to reach goals. Get your copy today and share your experience on my facebook group “Kickstart your creative Awesome”.

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