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I love sharing my insights in to creativity, personal development and business. Have a look at how I can help you in the links below and I am excited to chat soon!

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Talks & Workshops

Do your students need a creative kick? Would they some day like a design job or a career in the art world? Do you struggle to provide them with career advice relating to creative areas such as design and art? I would like to offer your students the opportunity to meet a professional designer, get a grasp on the best design schools, how to choose a career and … read more

Brand Pack

It can be so difficult to manage everything in your business but you should never let your identity suffer or it will reflect on your sales! You might not be a whizz with graphics or coming up with incredible new logo designs – but I am. I really enjoy helping businesses discover their awesome new identities and I know … read more

CV & Resumé Help

Do you dream of a better future? Have you been applying for jobs but never get responses? Do you feel completely stressed out every time you need to fill in a job application? Do yourself a favour – try Easy CV today. Easy CV is a FREE workbook that I have designed and developed to help you land your dream job. Download your FREE copy  …read more

Design Workshops

If you aim to be more successful and prefer to learn things by doing, then my workshops are for you! My classes are fun filled and action packed to ensure that you get a firm grasp on core design skills in an engaging way. I really enjoy sharing my skills; idea generation, sketching, presentation techniques..etc and I hope to see you soon and see what I can do to help. …read more

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LOCATION: Kildalkey, Meath, Ireland

EMAIL: marianna@mariannakane.com

LANDLINE: +353 469435655

MOBILE: +353 857060546

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