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Are you at a crossroads?

Making career decisions can be overwhelming! There have been lots of points in my life where I have had to stop and figure out the right path for me. I have managed to align my passions with my skills and get to work in a job I LOVE every day. If you want to really ignite your career check out my services below.

How I can help you

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You are never alone

I find it really difficult to write / speak about myself! Its super tough and can lead to anxiety if I don’t call on one of my trusted contacts to help me out. I want to be that trusted contact for you. You problem is not unique but your visions are. They are yours and all you need to do is claim them. When you sign up for my guidance I will be there for you for one whole month to answer questions by email / messenger. Any day, anytime for anything that will bring you one step closer to your BIG VISION! Just remember I am here at all times rooting for you and I cannot wait for you to share your journey with me.

Be more confident in interviews

My helpful resources will build your confidence as a professional and will provide you with an in-depth understanding of who you are and who you want to be. This is EXACTLY what job interviewers are looking for. You will be able to introduce yourself to others with confidence and built trust with people who matter.

Be your best you

We are only here once so why not reach for those stars?! I wish you every success in landing your dream career and cannot wait to connect with you.

How to connect with me

The best way to connect with me is through facebook where I am very active on my page “Marianna Kane Creativity Coach” and my group “Kickstart your creative Awesome”. You are very welcome to message me or post questions to my group anytime. Alternatively you may contact me through standard means via my Contact Page.

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LOCATION: Kildalkey, Meath, Ireland

EMAIL: marianna@mariannakane.com

LANDLINE: +353 469435655

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