Career Talks

Career Talks

Creative Careers – Professional advice

Do your students need a creative kick? Would they some day like a design job or a career in the art world? Do you struggle to provide them with career advice relating to creative areas such as design and art?

I would like to offer your students the opportunity to meet a professional designer. I can give them a grasp on the best design schools in Ireland and how to choose a career. They will also gain valuable insights in to my predictions for career opportunities in the years to come.

Why do I offer this?

Every year I do a Career Talk at the RDS Higher Options event which has proven very successful with students and Career Guidance teachers alike. Sometimes students don’t get to go to this event or maybe they were too shy / rushed to come ask me questions pertaining to their needs.

I would now like to offer your school the opportunity to engage with me directly to speak to you students or host my workshop that helps them refine their career vision. I am delighted with my career choices that I made at the age of 16 but I know a lot of people who wish they had done things a bit different.

It is my mission to use my unique skills to help young people make these life changing decisions in a more enjoyable way. I love sharing my insights into the creative sector and I am excited to work with your school to give your students the information they need to succeed.

How it works

My Career Talk is one hour in duration and I can speak to any number of students in your school. The presentation is 30minutes and I allocate 30minutes for Q&A and one to one talking with the students.

Typically my talks benefit students studying Design, Art, Science and Engineering. My talks put a heavy emphasis on career opportunities for creatives rather than selling third level courses. I love sharing my insights with young people and am very inviting of questions.

How to book

You can book me to deliver a career talk online here or you can contact me anytime by phone or email. Payment for the career talk can be made now or on the day (just select cheque or bank transfer to pay later.

When you make your booking you will receive an email detailing the days and times that I have availability. You will then be able to chose your preferred slot for me to come to you school. I am taking Spring bookings now and I cannot wait to meet your students.





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LOCATION: Kildalkey, Meath, Ireland

EMAIL: marianna@mariannakane.com

LANDLINE: +353 469435655

MOBILE: +353 857060546

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