Career workshops

Career workshops

Would you like to explore your career options in a fun and interactive way?

Attend my career workshops to learn how to kickstart your life. I believe that the best career is one that aligns with your passions. What do you want out of life? What does success mean to you? These are all questions I asked myself in 2007 when I graduated university. I have since gone from strength to strength in my career because I regularly check in with my goals and make sure I am on track. I have created these career workshops to help you achieve success in your career and get you excited about going to work.

Is your career at crisis point?

Are you dreading work tomorrow? Are you stuck trying to decide what to do with your life? If you are losing sleep because of work then you will get ill. One third of our year is committed to sleeping and one quarter of our year is dedicated to work. If this falls out of balance we really suffer. I find the best way to get the balance right is to align my work with my passions. This way I lead a happy life with no anxiety and you can too.

Reduce your anxiety, follow your passion

Lets work together to figure out your true passion. Lets find out what really makes you tick and ensure that you get to do more of that every day. You might be in a bad situation right now where you are stressed but it doesn’t have to be like that. You deserve to wake up and feel excited about work!

Your future is brighter than you think

My workshops will help you to explore the future and what it means to you. You will nail down what your BIG VISION is and we can then try to build on how you will get there. These workshops are perfect if you feel like you are at a crossroads in your career and don’t know which path to take e.g. go to university, get a job, start a business, move departments, completely change career.

Let me guide you to success

My experiences as an employee, educator and as a company director ensures that I can answer questions that arise during the session. I have created a series of workbooks that help guide you through mapping out your career. I will guide you on how to build vision boards and a roadmap for success. This interactive workshop gets you really thinking about your future and pushes you to talk openly about their dreams in a fun and encouraging environment.

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