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Top 5 Tips:
Talking to Retailers

Selling directly to customers can be excellent for your online business but what if you want to get your product in to retail stores? Selling your products through retail is a completely different business but it could make you more profitable and allow you to focus on being creative and developing new lines.


I’m Marianna

“I help creative businesses grow”

Makers, Designers, Inventors and Crafters ….. You’re my kind of people!

We work so hard perfecting our ideas and pour so much emotion in to our work that sometimes it is hard to have clarity when it comes to the business world. So whether you are pure mortified asking for money from clients or simply don’t know what to say when speaking to Customers, Retailer, Investors or Manufacturers I can help you. 

I have a long winded life story which you can watch here but in short I have been designing, outsourcing, selling, teaching and mentoring for years and am excited to share all of my tips and tricks with you. 

I think I am going to love what you do and I want to see more. So hit me up on instagram and show me all your creative things. I am getting conversation started on instagram with #mycreativeawesome so use this hashtag to help me find you or tag me @mariannakane in your photo.

I can teach you how to capture your creative genius and use it to grow your business. 


What I Offer


I am a huge fan of hands-on learning and have developed a suite of templates and checklists that will help you succeed in business. I also make videos to answer questions for newbies.

  • Free planner download
  • Printable worksheet and activities
  • Checklists for success in business
  • #talkcreativebiz Videos & Tips

Courses & Training

Learn how to “speak” to Retailers and Buyers so that your product gets on shelves this year. Or learn how to be a great inventor using my tried and tested techniques.


  • For creative businesses trying to scale
  • Present your products effectively to retail
  • Learn the lingo of Investors & Buyers
  • Implement tried and tested techniques

1 to 1 Mentoring

It’s easy to freak out and run around in circles when you are a small business owner. I am here to help bring clarity to your vision and guide you to success and profit.


  • 100% customised support for your business
  • Weekly check ins (Video Chat)
  • Help with pitches and presentations
  • Access to my network and advice

What I Do

Explain Business Jargon 
Empower Entrepreneurs
Encourage Creativity


I Help People Understand Tech & Business Jargon

I Encourage Creative Workflows – Doodles are Great

I Empower Entrepreneurs to Pursue Their Vision

Easy as 1,2,3

How It Works

You are one step away from growing your business

It can be hard to clearly present your offerings when you are heavily invested in your product creation. It is also easy to get distracted as a creative professional and build never-ending to do lists. This course will guide you through the process of growing your business through selling your products through retailers.

1) Learn how to speak to Retailers

Communicate your products clearly through understanding the needs of Retailers. They all use their own jargon and this can be very confusing. Let me help you get the best deal by teaching you how to present your work in the format that shop owners expect it.

2) Apply their "asks" to your business offerings

Find out what retailers are looking for so that you can tweak your presentation to suit their needs.

3) Present your work using my templates & checklists

Now that you know the lingo lets piece together a plan that will help you get your products on shelves this year. This course comes with easy to follow guides and checklists to help you present your work professionally to retailers.

Creativity Meets Productivity

"Very open and approachable, and I found her to be an excellent Mentor."

Ger Collins Pippa Blue Studio

"She has a gift of teaching people to understand the creativity lurking within their minds"

Sean Keating Product Designer

"Helped me to get my ideas finally out of my mind and on to paper!"

Martina Dowdall Fashion Designer

My Blog

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